Thursday 18th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Quick and safe conveyors

With its high system availability, high speed, minimum noise, safety features and flexible design, Knapp believes that the success of its new Streamline conveyor (pictured) which offers is guaranteed. Streamline is designed to convey goods – whether in plastic containers, cartons, trays or softpacks – quickly and safely to their destinations.

The new conveyor comes fast on the heels of Knapp’s newest pallet conveyor system _ Powerline. Capable of supporting loads of up to 1,250kg – even at the maximum conveying speed – the system operates entirely without the use of compressed air. Modular in design, the conveyor provides optimum use of space and is extremely flexible in its applications.

Knapp has now developed two new modules for the Powerline range.

The first is a swivel table which transports goods smoothly and quickly over angles of 10° to 180°, with the benefit that the desired pallet direction is maintained. The second product is a hinged conveyor gate, which enables forklifts and other equipment to manoeuvre between the conveyor lines.

The gate – which allows a space of 1m to 2.5m to be created – is hoisted on steel core belts and is driven by its own motor with holding brake.

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