Tuesday 12th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Low cost roll pallets are space savers

Palletower has launched a range of cost-saving roll pallets for the retail sector as well as all areas of manufacturing. With high reliability and low cost as the key factors, Palletower has designed a range of quality-built ‘nestable’ and ‘demountable’ roll pallets that are not only economically priced, but also offer dramatic improvements in space use.

Saving valuable space when not in use was a priority design factor for the roll pallets, which are available in two key formats: ‘nestable’, where folded units fit neatly inside each other, much like supermarket trolleys; and ‘demountable’ where they are taken apart to become almost flat-pack.

Security is a prime consideration, so the roll pallets are also available with interlocking lids, bases and sides that can be securely fastened, but can also be quickly and easily folded when not in use to maximise space use.

For further information, tel: 0161 905 2233.