Monday 20th Jan 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Temperature monitor saves loads

Enfield-based transport controls firm The OEM Group has strengthened its product portfolio with the launch of SecureTemp, a “wireless” refrigerated trailer temperature alert. The product helps chilled fleets fulfil their due diligence obligations and reduces the cost of spoiled loads and lost orders.

SecureTemp alerts the driver if the refrigerated unit on a trailer fails, allowing remedial action to be taken before a load is spoilt. The ‘Search and Mate’ system in SecureTemp has two components; a long-life battery-powered RFID temperature transmitter fitted inside the trailer, and an in-cab receiver with an audible and visual LED display.

SecureTemp will allow logistics firms to adhere to the stringent rules which apply to the refrigerated transport sector and, as well as preventing loads from being spoiled, will enable a load to be replaced quickly where delivery times are critical. The key benefits of SecureTemp no communication costs and no cable connection from trailer to cab, a wide temperature band capacity and a simple to install, easy to use and maintenance free unit.

The product has been developed with help from Samworth Brothers Distribution, which has fitted the product to its entire fleet. “SecureTemp will assist us with the strict guidelines that surround temperature-controlled distribution as well as helping reduce costs by saving loads before they are spoiled,” says Carl Bufton, distribution manager of Samworth Brothers.

The company trialled prototypes in December 2004. “Samworth Brothers input has been invaluable in the development of the SecureTemp and we are already working with them on the development of a software option which will offer operators ‘real-time’ temperature information,” says Steve Tickner, product manager of The OEM Group.