Thursday 9th Apr 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Double-shifting key

TDG European Chemicals UK has been contracted by BOC to distribute the industrial gases and associated products supplier’s bulk hydrocarbon blends in the UK. As part of the five-year deal, TDG will manage stocks of aerosol propellant at one of its operating centres in Lancashire and operate about 20 dedicated tanks on behalf of BOC which will allow for improved responsiveness and allow material to be positioned closer to the end user.

The distribution operation uses extensive double shifts with 60% of the anticipated annual mileage being covered at night. The commercial reward scheme in place is tied to exemplary service levels and Simon Bury, sales director for TDG European Chemicals, comments: “It’s not just about on-time. Excellent service includes safety performance, quality of maintenance of BOC’s assets and providing a flexible charging structure.”