Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Automated system launched

The Sandpiper Corporation, a leading systems integrator of wireless and data capture technologies has launched a new standard proof of delivery (PoD) system as increasing customer expectation levels surrounding delivery service levels drive logistics organisations to investigate better means of meeting demands.

As companies seek new ways to grow revenue and reduce costs, increasing attention is being focused on the many mobile workers, field service personnel, merchandisers and service technicians who interact face to face with customers, suppliers and partners.

Designed with the intention of providing a cost-effective fast track deployment, the new system enables organisations currently employing paper-based logistic processes, in conjunction with back-office systems, to realise the benefits of automating delivery schedule management and confirmation processes. The solution for automating field operations uses a generic delivery confirmation that utilises the flexibility of O4 solution components.

The advent of technologies for developing and deploying ‘industrial strength’ mobile solutions is delivering significant benefits to organisations. Sandpiper believes that instead of inefficient paper systems or cumbersome laptop computers, the new system arms mobile remote workforce with up to date information on convenient and user friendly systems.