Wednesday 19th Feb 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Reliability proves a winner

DS Smith says ACR Logistics’  new two-year contract will mean that the 3PL will continue to manage its Livingston factory warehousing and distribution warehouse operations. The operation will be run from the Livingston 6,510sq m, adjacent to the production facility, and handles the additional volumes brought about by the takeover of Linpac Containers by DS Smith, and the subsequent amalgamation of factories onto the Livingston site.

As part of the two-year, ACR is responsible for a variety of corrugated packaging stock, ensuring it is stored, prepared and delivered on time.

Paul McKie, financial controller at DS Smith, comments: “Their [ACR’s] ability to maintain high levels of service and reliability in a competitive sector where the cost per pallet is key was central to our decision.”

Both firms will work to get the new contract up and running within very short timescales, including transferring stock, re-aligning fleet plans and recruiting and training additional staff.