Monday 24th Feb 2020 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Tchibo’s logistical challenge

Retailer Tchibo has moved its logistics operation to London to cater for the growth of its UK operation, as well as to benefit from lower transport costs and higher service levels. The 6,000sq m warehouse, run in conjunction with GefcoUK, is located in Dartford and has created 50 new jobs.

This year, the facility is expected to handle about ten million sales units, catering for the shops and concessions business in the UK. The number will grow in line with Tchibo’s expansion in the UK, which is projected at around two new shops a month.

The Tchibo concept represents a challenge to distribution and logistics by virtue of the weekly theme change _ once a week, roughly 25 products are delivered to all shops that carry non-food and to each of the concessions in supermarkets across the UK. It is also the only retailer to change its entire product range every single week across all retail channels.