Thursday 21st Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Connexius offers depot transparency

Circle Express, the airfreight road transport operator, has launched a new IT system branded “Connexius”. The data management system is said to provide complete transparency to all Circle Express depots and runs off a central Sequal database server at the company’s head office.

The new system should allow all the company’s staff to know what jobs are in progress…and which drivers and what vehicles are involved. Connexius also enables direct interaction with Circle Express’ drivers, which means they receive real-time notification as they pick up consignments.

Richard Crook, director of Circle Express, says: “Our new system provides Real Time information, which dramatically speeds up customer enquiry response times.

Crook also comments: “We are always driven by requirements of the airfreight agents, particularly the big American ones, whose own IT systems are highly advanced.”

In early August, Circle Express trialled the system with Hellmans Worldwide Logistics, where Circle Express downloaded POD data direct into Hellman’s own system in Germany.