Monday 18th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Behind the shed

And in the red corner… weighing in as the number one provider of contract logistics in the UK, the heavyweight giant EXEL! And in the blue corner…the most feared and loathsome guardian of the double-yellow line, the London traffic warden! When not ticketing cars waiting at traffic lights, your average traffic warden loves nothing more than sneaking up on unsuspecting delivery vans. Exel is hitting back by going on the offensive and employing four full-time staff to fight a growing number of parking fines had reached a whopping £500,000. The brutal slugging match has so far been rewarded with a success rate of 70% for the company in some London Boroughs, though the group’s parking fines for this year alone has already reached £170,000.

Shiver me timbers and splice the mainsail as the annual Kuehne + Nagel cup is all set to become a regular event following its successful inaugural during the summer. The innovative sailing event was attended by corporate sponsored yachts crewed by employees who had little or no experience with a boat. Virgin Atlantic Cargo, the EWS, the MOL, the Southampton Container Terminals and Kuehne and Nagel all sponsored boats which raced each other in the Solent. Once they sorted their ‘Ports’ from their ‘Starboards’ it was plain sailing for the teams who raced competitively. The Kuehne + Nagel won the first and the MOL took the second race.

Meanwhile, freight forwarder Davies Turner has been negotiating the Swiss Alps – not skiing but delivering TV and mobile phone masts. Philip Stephenson, joint managing director: says: “In the words of Marvin Gaye, “there ain’t no mountain high enough” for Davies Turner when it comes to delivering freight of this kind. To date we have faced both tight deadlines and difficult weather conditions with this contract which lasts until Christmas, but the customer is satisfied that all is arriving on time and exactly as specified.”

Masternaut recently teamed up with TNT Logistics UK to raise £12,000 to support the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP). Members of the company’s purchasing team dared an exciting wing walk to raise the funds. Pilots of two Utterly Butterly bi-planes displayed their aerobatic skills, each with one of the ten participated TNT staff harnessed to the top of the wing. Charles Hewson, Masternaut operations director says: “Having seen the TNT purchasing team strapped to the top of plane performing aerobatics, I was very glad I was stood firmly on the ground and, in this case, very happy that our contribution was purely financial!”

And with hosepipe bans in place and recent drought warnings, Innovate Logistics has found a way to conserve water. It is collecting rainwater from warehouse roofs and storing it in underground tanks for exclusive use for its refrigeration plant. It is thought that the scheme will save a great deal of natural resources…not to mention reduce the water bill.