Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Centralised stock increases efficiency

P&O Ferries now has an “innovative storage solution” in place at its 7,440sq m warehouse in Dover, where it stocks more than 10,000 product lines ranging from a lipstick to a pallet containing bottles of wine.

As a result Linpac Storage Systems installed a solution offering a wide diversity of storage. The final design covers pallet racking and drive-in racking for bulk storage as well as a multi-tier mezzanine containing Longspan shelving for bulkier items and short-span shelving with bins for smaller items.

P&O Ferries has consolidated its warehousing and taken over the distribution of all supplies to its ships in order to provide a better service to on-board customers. Holding stock under one roof has improved efficiency, and enabled the company to buy larger quantities of products at keener prices.

The drive-in racking comprises two blocks of 12 bays, both five levels high and six deep. Some bespoke features were designed into the drive-in racking to maximise storage while protecting the sprinkler heads from the pallets as they are driven in and out – the intense sprinkler system was installed because of stringent insurance requirements.

More than 4,000 pallet positions of adjustable pallet racking feature in the warehouse. This racking rises to 10m in the main body of the warehouse, giving six levels of bulk storage. Pallet racking has also been installed into the temperature-controlled storage area, which features a chill store and a cold store.

Four levels of the multi-tier mezzanine are devoted to the smaller products. Versatile Linpac shelving provides 3,000 locations, and P&O staff hand pick from the shelves and the shelf trays. Access to the upper tiers is available via stairs or one of the two man and goods lifts.