Friday 15th Dec 2017 - Logistics Manager

Roller track offers loading efficiency

HPL Hellmann Perishable Logistics is using three new refrigerated trailers equipped with Joloda Hydraroll’s Mark 20 Roller Track system, which is being used to load and unload perishable goods. A division of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Heathrow-based HPL is a multimodal freight forwarder that is 100% committed to the perishable industry.

The new Joloda Hydraroll Mark 20 Roller Track System has been introduced to load perishable goods from an aircraft to the trailer. The goods are then transported, sorted and delivered to leading retailers such as J Sainsbury, Asda and Marks & Spencer.

The Mark 20 Roller Track enables the movement of airfreight containers or palletised products into trucks and trailers. This system is the next generation in roller beds – with 40% less effort required to move air cargo containers and smaller roller aperture, thus reducing debris build up in the track and savings in maintenance costs.

Clive Cogbill, operations manager of HPL, says: “The new Mark 20 Roller tracks have been tailored to fit our new refrigerated vehicles and we are extremely pleased with the performance. The new Joloda system allows us to load and unload at a more efficient rate which is essential when dealing with perishable goods.”

Since the installation of the Joloda Hydraroll Mark 20 Roller Track at HPL, almost 80% of all orders received have been for this system.