Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Symposium in Jeonju

On April 13 and 14, an international symposium took place in Jeonju, the capital city of the Jeonbuk province in South Korea. This symposium was held to promote a World Logistics Expo that is planned take place in 2007, but also to promote an enormous new infrastructure development in the region.

Here are some of the sessions from the programme:

The infrastructure project was planned in the 1970s to develop new agricultural land, to create structures to prevent flooding and to create a fresh water supply.

The Saemangeum project consists of a 33.5 km-long dyke which will enable reclamation of some 40,000 hectares and deliver a billion tons of fresh water.

Following the development of the Shanghai area and with it the entire North Eastern Asian Zone (the Yellow Sea Rim), South Korea decided to develop the area near Gunsan into a duty free zone with a newly developed harbour area for some 60,000 TEU: container, bulk and car handling, Harbour sea-depth is 15-25m.

The model of the development is similar to that of the Pudong region in Shanghai. Investors will be offered numerous incentives such as tax holidays and reduced rates on leases

During the symposium, the South Korean deputy minister of development and budget, Hyon-Wook Kang, Governor of the province of Jeonbuk, representatives of the logistics associations of China and Korea and other highranking officers presented and discussed the visions around the region’s development and the Saemangeum infrastructure project in particular.

Nicole Geerkens, representing our president Graham Ewer, underlined the importance of cross-border cooperation and communication such as the ELA is practicing in Europe.

Two representatives of the American Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals looked at logistics costs and compared these between the US and the Asian regions.

Chris Slijkhuis of Flextronics then presented his vision of the development of the supply chain as a ‘supply cycle’ as reverse logistics gains more attention.

Jos Marinus of Danone, and member of the board of ELA, then gave an overview of outsourcing and described how outsourcing develops into more strategic areas of firms’ competences.

Hyon-Wook Kang and Nam-Kee Lee, chairman of the World Logistics Expo 2007 organising committee, as well as some senior representatives of the Saemangeum project, have confirmed their participation in the Eurolog 2005 conference. This will allow direct communication about these ambitious projects.