Tuesday 19th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Electric trucks for Ireland

Smith Electric Vehicles has signed up a distributor for Ireland and hopes to sell 100 vehicles there over the coming year.

The distributor, Smith Electric Vehicles Ireland,  has already taken delivery of the first vehicles and the rest will be supplied in a staged build programme during 2008.
The Irish distributor is a partnership between vehicle retailer Ray Keeley and commercial vehicle importer David Mullen.

Keeley said: “I have been working with Kevin Harkin and Smith Electric Vehicles for over two years now and know that the potential market for zero emission commercial vehicles in Ireland and Northern Ireland is huge.

“We are already in talks with a range of major fleet operators, from large companies to public sector organisations, and we expect to fill sales orders for the first 100 vehicles very quickly.”

Smith Electric Vehicles will deliver 100 of its Newton and Edison vehicles. It estimates that replacing 100 diesel powered commercial vehicles with these battery powered vans and trucks will save an estimated 760 tonnes of carbon dioxide exhaust emissions each year.

Smith delivered around 250 of its new technology vehicles to customers in the UK and Europe in 2007 – and has expanded build capacity to 1,500 vehicles for this year.