Wednesday 24th Apr 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

60% growth for UK Mail

UK Mail, the mail business of the Business Post Group, saw sales rise some 60 per cent  in the third quarter. It said it had won significant contracts with new customers including MBNA and Norwich Union. 
“With these new contracts, we now handle some 10 per cent of all mail collected in the UK,” it said.
Group revenues for the quarter increased by 13 per cent on the equivalent period last year.  Excluding the revenues from the FedEx contract, which terminated on 30 April 2007, the underlying group revenue increase was 20 per cent. Underlying parcels revenues in the period were up six per cent on last year. 
“We continue to see good growth in our B2B parcels business which represents around 80 per cent of parcels revenues.  In B2C, representing 15 per cent of the parcels business, our period-on-period performance was consistent with the first half.”