Thursday 18th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Laser guide vehicles for Lagena

Elettric 80, global provider of end-of-line automation system, is to supply Lagena Distribution, Scandinavia’s largest distribution and logistics company, with 13 high-lifting Laser Guided Vehicles  and one high speed stretch robot for its facility in Stockholm, Sweden.
The LGVs, each with an eight metre reach capability, will work alongside manual fork lift trucks in a rack storage environment to improve safety and efficiency at the site.
The system will be integrated into the existing warehouse management system and manual picking solution.
The plan is to lower handling costs at the centre, without compromising flexibility of operations and accessibility.
The LGVs will support the storage process, and will move goods to and from an existing automated warehouse.
Lars Reinholdsson, managing director, Lagena, said: “The products that we handle are very fragile and are susceptible to breakage. In the world of logistics and distribution, you have to look at new ways of reducing breakage and consequently improve your operational performance. Elettric 80’s solution was ideal. It used proven technologies and offered us a degree of flexibility within our centre that we previously didn’t have.”