Tuesday 23rd Apr 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Heart of England launches regional food delivery service

Heart of England Fine Foods (HEFF), in partnership with Heart Distribution (subsidiary of wholesaler A.F.Blakemore & Son), has launched a delivery service which aims to increase regional sourcing of food and drink, and provide local food producers in the West Midlands, with cost-effective transport for their goods to retailers.
The service means producers will no longer have to deliver small quantities to multiple customers across a large geographical area.
Sixty-four food and drink producers across the Midlands have signed up to the scheme, in which more than 1,000 product lines are being distributed.
Ninety SPAR stores across the region are using the service, which has allowed them to launch their ‘Local Heroes’ range.
HEFF plans to roll out deliveries to other independent retailers, farm shops, delis and restaurants.
Products will be delivered by Heart Distribution in HEFF branded vehicles. The service uses a 60,000 sq ft multi-temperature facility at Darlaston in the West Midlands.
HEFF chief executive Karen Davies said: “The launch presents a real opportunity to satisfy increasing market demand for high quality, regional produce, and will further heighten awareness and increase the availability of food and drink products from the Heart of England region.
“It is not a wholesale operation, more a fast and efficient distribution channel solely for our producers. They retain control over where their products are sold and at what price.”