Thursday 21st Mar 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Constellation picks RedPrairie

Wine company Constellation Europe has chosen RedPrairie software for its 870,000 sq ft bonded warehouse and bottling plant being commissioned at Avonmouth.

The warehouse, which has 80,000 pallet positions and many docking doors, is due to open in October 2008.

Constellation will be using Warehouse Management, Duty Management, Yard Management and Workforce Management from RedPrairie’s E2e suite.

RedPrairie’s Warehouse Management is intended to streamline picking and packing processes through the automation of the distribution centre while providing real-time control for exception monitoring. It is anticipated that the built-in duty management system will simplify integration and cut the cost of implementation, maintenance and technology upgrades.

Constellation Europe chose RedPrairie’s E2e suite for its breadth of functionality that will enable the company to meet most of its needs out of the box. Its scalability offers best value for money for an expanding business while its built-in rather than bolt-on duty management solution eliminates the cost of building and maintaining interfaces.

“In a competitive environment companies are exploring all possible ways to drive down cost, leverage efficiencies and maximise profit,” says Martin Grisman, senior vice president operations, Constellation Europe. “We are confident that RedPrairie’s E2e suite will help us work smarter in all areas by streamlining warehouse management processes and optimising labour productivity.”