Tuesday 23rd Apr 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Rapid wrapper for Vertik-Al

An increase in demand for stretch wrapped product at Vertik-Al meant that its Robopac Spiror machine was becoming a bottleneck and the company needed more capacity to meet the increase in demand. Managing director, Wade Lock contacted Aetna UK for advice and discovered that it had a new Spiror 400HP stretch wrapper in stock, ready for immediate delivery.

Lock says: “The stretch wrapper was with us within one week of placing the order, which meant we started to see the benefits from the new machine almost immediately.”

Historically transport ‘fretting’ was always a problem for boxed goods and aluminium coaters and painters used tissue paper and strapping to deliver their products in pristine condition to the end user. The use of stretch film, which is both cheap and effective in keeping packs tight during transport, is the wrap of choice. Stretch film is gentle because the tension is spread over a larger area than, for instance, plastic strapping.