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Top names for logistics show

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Logistics giant Ceva is joining more than 100 market-leading companies that are exhibiting at Logistics Link South, making it the most impressive yet of any of the Logistics Link exhibitions.

The exhibition, at Sandown Park in February, covers all facets of the supply chain. Software-as-a-service is a rapidly growing sector of the market and a number of major players are exhibiting at Logistics Link South. snapfulfil has been nominated for the Sybase Innovators Award. Held annually, the awards celebrate innovators worldwide who have used “technology to create cutting-edge applications and success for their organisations”. snapfulfil charges a monthly fee for an all-in-one WMS package with RF and barcode scanning. It can be up and running in 30 days and implementation includes an on-site RF network with hand-held terminals and redundant connection to the internet.

The Descartes Systems Group is a provider of on-demand, software-as-a-service delivery management solutions for transport, logistics, manufacturing, retail, distribution and service provider enterprises. Descartes delivers trading partner connectivity and document exchange, route planning, wireless dispatch, rate management, inventory and asset visibility, transport management and warehouse optimisation solutions for industries such as retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, transport, distribution and third-party logistics.

tmWare is one of the first integrated warehouse and transport management systems to be offered as an on-demand solution. This method of delivery eliminates the need for costly hardware and high implementation charges. A connection charge, low monthly per user fee and internet connection are all that is needed to get better control of the operation and provide real value to customers. tmWare offers a combination of feature-rich functionality with customisable screens.


Toyota Material Handling UK is exhibiting at the show for the first time since it brought together the Toyota and BT operations to offer a one stop shop. Toyota Material Handling (UK) offers a complete range of warehouse and materials handling equipment from Toyota and BT, and a team of more than 470 service engineers is available 24-7, 365 days a year. They use the latest mobile computing solutions and offer a 95 per cent first-time fix and ‘back in action’ within four hours.

Aisle-Master, the Irish manufacturer of the Aisle-Master range of very narrow aisle articulated forklifts, will be exhibiting. The company has recently launched a new web site. Managing director Gerry McHugh said: “We wanted to make it as straightforward as possible for potential customers to see how they can increase storage and reduce costs with our trucks.”

Cat distributor Briggs Equipment is also exhibiting at Logistics Link South.

The Flexi Generation 4 very narrow aisle articulated truck from Narrow Aisle Flexi is a winner of the British Materials Handling Federation Safety Award. John Maguire, Narrow Aisle’s sales and marketing director, says: ” Forklift truck design has an important role to play in safety and Narrow Aisle’s Flexi G4 articulated truck demonstrates how a lift truck can be built to aid a driver’s safe practice.”As well as the Flexi, it manufactures man-down and man-up trucks, order pickers and specialist heavy duty reach trucks.

Warehouse management

DeltaWMS, the interactive warehouse management systems supplier, has chosen Logistics Link South for the first public showing of four specialist-market versions of its software. DeltaWMS:Bond has been developed with users and HM Revenue & Customs to set a new bonded warehouse system benchmark, according to the company. It will be on show alongside several other new software products, DeltaWMS: Third Party Logistics, DeltaWMS:Distribution and DeltaWMS:Manufacturing. DeltaWMS is a just-in-time supply chain technology specialist.

Proteus Software will be exhibiting fresh from winning a major contract with DDD Group, the manufacturer and distributor of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products. DDD manufactures pharmaceutical and toiletry products. The Proteus RF Directed WMS will optimise DDD’s warehouse processes, control all stock movements, improve pick rates, give accurate inventory levels and create a paperless warehouse environment. Visitors can see the latest version of the Proteus Warehouse Dashboard, which gives a real time view of operational effectiveness at a glance.

3M Supply Chain Solutions, powered by HighJump Software, are designed to empower operational excellence in the warehouse and optimise the flow of inventory throughout the supply chain. They combine robust, standard functionality, a best practice-based implementation methodology, and an adaptable architecture that facilitates fast, cost-effective system modifications, without the need for upgrades.

Vianetic will be showcasing the latest version of VWMS-RF, the mobile application for Vianetic’s browser-based warehouse management system, VWMS. It enhances the core VWMS system by allowing all central tasks to be performed using hand-held computers, from goods receipt and picking right through to loading and despatch. VWMS-RF can operate on a wide range of mobile devices based on the Windows CE and Windows Mobile platforms.

CDC Supply Chain, which now owns both Catalyst and IMI, will be running two seminars at the show. CDC Supply Chain / Catalyst will be presenting a case study on Dixon’s Store Group international and Catalyst WMS. This will be presented by Mark McCormack, business systems director for UK and Ireland electricals at DSGi IS. And CDC Supply Chain / IMI will be presenting a a case study on IMI and Tuko Logistics where Juho Koivisto will be examining the benefits of voice picking.

Dexterity WMS from Barcode-IT is a real-time warehouse management system to maximise supply chain efficiency in manufacturing and distribution businesses. Interfaces are available for SAP, Sage, Navision and many more ERP systems.

Autostore from Central Systems & Automation is a warehouse management system based on an open and distributed technology platform for local, regional, national and international logistics operations, Autostore gives pinpoint control of goods in real time. Easy to use with powerful reporting, Autostore automates all operational distribution centre activities. It is used by companies such as Nestlé, United Biscuits, Shell, Cadbury and Land Rover.

Keymas will be bringing to the exhibition the brand new SMW (software to manage your warehouse) K-store. This system uses software to manage the warehouse using a modular approach. K-store allows users to pick their own modules to create their own system.

Keymas will also exhibit systems in order fulfilment, supply chain solutions and conveyor systems. Working with companies such as Betterware, Argos and Camelot, Keymas has been providing logistics and materials handling solutions for more than 18 years.

Agility Systems supplies software applications and data capture equipment to provide additional features to many commonly used ERP and business systems, providing warehouse control and management functions that are often missing from standard business systems.

These have now been packaged as the Agility Lean WMS suite of modules, which integrate in real time with a company’s existing ERP system to provide additional features including: suggested put-away movements; pick face replenishments; enhanced picking by zone; perpetual inventory counts; enhanced lot/location selection logic; pick to pallet/container including labels; movement prioritisation; marshalling lane management; and warehouse space optimisation.

Minster Logistics has launched its voice-enabled warehouse management system. This system covers all aspects of the warehousing operation including receipt of goods, put-away, replenishment, picking, marshalling, loading, full stock takes and perpetual inventory stock takes. Central to the system is the voice management console, which allows warehousing activity to be monitored, controlled and progressed.

Inform provides planning software to help logistics and supply chain managers, planners and buyers reduce the cost of inventory and maximise customer service. It is running a series of seminars at the show.

Automated systems

Knapp UK will be demonstrating its capabilities in the design, installation and maintenance of automated logistics systems. Specialising in paperless picking solutions using RF, pick-by-light and voice-directed technology, Knapp supplies intelligent conveyors, sorters, A-frames and ASRS. Knapp is keen to attract clients with smaller logistics needs. “Many of our SME clients value our committed approach to customer service,” explains business development director, David James. “For example, we supplied a medium-sized conveyor system a few years ago to Gold & Sons, the independent home entertainment specialist, and last year, we added an automated product recognition system and pre-sorter.”

E&K Automation is a European supplier of automated guided vehicle systems (AGV/LGVs), or driverless industrial trucks. It has more that 43 years’ experience and has installed more than 700 systems, running almost 7000 vehicles worldwide. E&K AGVs save time and money, optimise transport flow and increase process efficiency.

E&K’s range of tailor-made AGVs is complemented by its automation of standard industrial trucks from the likes of Jungheinrich, Linde & Still.

Its manufacturing execution system, Mescon-OS, is an platform that integrates AGVs, trucks, production and storage systems, so that efficiency goes up and costs go down.

Cargo Lift Vertical Lift storage and retrieval systems are designed to deliver high performance in space-saving, semi-automated storage technology. Such systems are increasingly used to handle valuable, often fragile items, and the use of biometric access controls based on fingerprint scanning is an important advance, eliminating the risk of swipe cards and passwords being obtained by unauthorised users.

Fleet management

Scania has launched Scania OnBoard, a fleet management proposition based upon providing fleet managers with the information they need to run their fleets more effectively. Scania OnBoard shifts the emphasis from telematics and hardware to a purely information-driven service, and comprises three main elements: messaging to link a vehicle with its operating base; driver log to record driver-activity; and order support to monitor vehicles and jobs.

Paragon Software Systems, provider of routeing and scheduling optimisation software, will be demonstrating its latest software. Paragon’s software capabilities include: operational transport scheduling and optimisation; single-depot and multi-depot planning; integrated fleets scheduling; resource management; strategic planning; home delivery; and integration with fleet-tracking.

DPS International is supplier of vehicle routeing and scheduling software, the LogiX suite. DPS offers specialised logistics support services including logistics consultancy, vehicle routeing and scheduling software and in-cab control and monitoring systems. DPS recently launched an online software-as-a-service vehicle scheduling product, logixcentral. DPS is now working with Codegate to provide in-cab PDA proof of delivery/collection solutions to help users collect and use key business data wherever they are.

Auto ID

Zetes, established in 1984, is a Pan-European system integrator offering solutions in the automatic identification industry for goods and people. These solutions use both emerging and mature technologies (barcode, voice recognition, RFID, smartcards, biometrics) to optimise the business performance of many private and public customers in many market segments. Zetes solutions are implemented in retail, industry, transport, logistics, distribution, healthcare, finance, telecommunication, government and public services. The Zetes group has its headquarters in Brussels and employs 550 staff.

ImageID provides Visidot, an image-based global traceability solution which reads and decodes hundreds of labels on the fly in just a few seconds preventing all shipping mistakes. The ImageID stand offers the chance to see Visidot in action. A full demo system will be on display and the new motion reader and other new features will be introduced at the show. ImageID has a large customer base and will present successful implementations of the service in the food industry, RPC, the automotive sector and horticulture. Its award-winning solution ensures the reduction of shipping errors, production costs and better time management.

Hand-held computers

The iKôn, a rugged PDA just launched by Psion Teklogix, is a compact and powerful mobile computing device with robust built-in functionality. It enables a host of advanced mobile applications to be carried out from a single unit. Whether reading barcodes with its integrated imager or scanner, or using its inbuilt camera to take a colour picture, iKôn is suitable for a range of applications.

With a choice of three operating systems, Microsoft Windows CE.Net 5, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Classic and Professional, iKôn offers an industry standard platform for customers’ applications.

iKôn delivers wireless voice and data communications, GPS positioning, with simultaneous WiFi, Cellular (GSM/GPRS/UMTS) and Bluetooth connectivity options. These enable real-time information management, improved efficiencies and increased asset visibility across a customer’s operations.

Electricity distributor Hydro One Networks in Ontario, Canada will pilot the new iKôn on a large Smart Meter project, part of the provincial government initiative to have electricity distribution companies install smart meters in all homes and small business by 2010.

Following the launch of the MX8, its latest handheld computer, LXE has taken two stands. On one stand, it will be demonstrating the suitability of the lightweight MX8 for a vast array of tasks in a multitude of environments.

On the other stand, it will be demonstrating how the MX8 is the safe bet for your company, whether you are in retailing, warehousing, automotive, packaging or manufacturing.

Materials handling

SSI Schaefer provides shelving, racking, containers, workshop equipment, office furniture and waste management systems. SSI Schaefer has developed a partnering approach, through which it works hand in hand with its customers to design and implement innovative and cost-effective solutions for each project, whatever its size.

Whether the need is for a new shelving or racking system, additional storage space, a mezzanine floor or the completion of an automated distribution centre, SSI Schaefer prides itself on going the extra mile.

Simons Reeve is a manufacturer of materials handling equipment, including roll cages, pallets, stillages, garment rails, trolleys, magnums and plastic containers. Much of what it produces is custom made, and with manufacturing facilities in Europe and the Far East it is well placed to meet its customers needs.

Simons Reeve Rental can supply equipment on both a short-term casual basis and on long term contracts for anything up to seven years.

Lighthouse has a solution for producing durable, high quality labels and signs around the warehouse. Location labels taken from your plan-a-gram, tote-bin barcodes, pallet indicators, instruction labels and safety signs are all produced easily from PC driven systems. They are printed at a fraction of the cost of items bought externally, with no orders to raise and instant delivery.

The VanLift FreeAccess from Bär Cargolift offers a rear-mounted lift for panel vans. When folded in, it fits against the rear left door, leaving free access through the rear right door.

The driver can unfold the platform with just a few simple movements, creating a full-width 1,810 mm x 1,330 mm tail lift. The lift can be fitted to many popular van brands at existing mountings on the chassis, giving delivery vehicles flexibility and facilitating quick and easy access to light packages or loading and unloading of pallets and trolleys.

Bär Cargolift is one of the largest manufacturers of tail lifts in Europe. In addition to VanLift FreeAccess, Bär offers Cargolifts for all types of uses and all vehicle categories. The product range also includes fixed platforms and single or double folding under-run solutions. Bär Cargolift manufactures all its own products in Heilbronn, Germany.

Gray Campling is UK agent for the Titan/Speeflo range of Powrliner line marking machines. It has supplied its Powrliners to many distribution warehouses around the UK for spraying lines inside the warehouse and also to carry out maintenance of the unit and outside in the lorry park.

The Powrliner will allow users to spray loading bay lines, and, with a stencil kit, to mark information such as speed limits and directional signs.

The savings that can be expected to be made by purchasing a Titan Powrliner rather than employing contractors to spray loading lines are very large. The machines pay for themselves very quickly.

Gray Campling recently supplied a machine to the Bristol Ports Authority for spraying lines all around the port. Some of the distribution warehouses that use Titan Powrliners are Tesco, Somerfield, Currys, Bibby, Wincanton and Exel.

Temporary storage

Spaciotempo will be showcasing its temporary buildings and canopies along with the innovative Ready Box range.

Temporary structures allow companies to expand and contract their activities in line with demand, providing year-round protection. The new Ready Box retractable modular tunnel complements Spaciotempo’s range of aluminium-framed temporary buildings and is designed for heavy-duty applications, including cover for loading and unloading areas and controlled work environments, or to provide overflow storage or temporary workshop facilities.

Packaging and recycling

Aetna UK believes the most apparent growth area in the UK market over the past 18 months has been logistics, with more contracting out and many new distribution centres. Aetna will be showing the Robopac 506 pallet stretch wrapping system, of which there are now more than 600 successfully operating in the UK.

Fromm Packaging will be exhibiting for the first time. It will show its AP502 airpad machine, which can produce six different pad sizes all from one machine. The company has just installed its first hopper system at one of its customer sites. It will also be showing a range of its plastic and steel strapping tools.

Futur will also be exhibiting. Screwfix Central Distribution Centre in Stoke on Trent produces 2,000 tonnes of cardboard a year, but only half the cardboard on site was baled for efficient transport. The remainder was recycled loose along with polythene film with no benefit to Screwfix. Futur installed a new auto-tie baler-fed via a conveyer from the first floor and a bin lift at ground level. Now all the cardboard on site is baled and achieves revenue. Polythene is also baled using a Futur 60 HDD vertical unit and general waste continues to be compacted.