Sunday 24th Mar 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Jungheinrich goes with Business Direct

Jungheinrich has chosen Business Direct to handle next day parts deliveries to its UK customers and service engineers.

Under the four year contract, service parts and materials can be ordered up to 14.30pm UK time by Jungheinrich clients. These are then picked at Jungheinrich’s European Parts Distribution centre in Lahr in southern Germany up until 17.00hrs local.

Business Direct collects all the UK bound consignments directly from Lahr and then, use its dedicated ‘airbridge’ out of Frankfurt, ships these directly into Coventry Airport for arrival same evening.

Once the freight has arrived into the UK, Business Direct injects the consignments into its UK depot and delivery network, guaranteeing that the product is available to Jungheinrich’s 500 strong service engineers’ team by 7 am next morning.

Jungheinrich chose Business Direct as its preferred delivery partner because it was the only company to offer an effective ‘in-boot’ through the night delivery solution, backed up with the flexibility of ParcelXchanges ‘drop boxes’ and other dedicated pick up and drop off points.