Friday 22nd Mar 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Eight freighters for new airline

The DHL/Lufthansa joint venture airline, AeroLogic, has leased eight Boeing 777 Freighters, worth $2bn, for cargo services on European-Asian routes. AeroLogic will operate from Leipzig in Germany.

“The 777 Freighter’s twin-engine fuel efficiency, low noise and overall capability are perfectly suited for our new cargo service out of Leipzig,” said AeroLogic managing director Thomas Papke.

The 777 Freighter will be capable of flying 4,885 nautical miles with a full payload, making it the world’s longest-range freighter, and, with a maximum takeoff weight of 347 tonnes, the 777 Freighter will have a revenue payload capability of more than 103 tonnes.

“Its combination of long range and maximum payload make it a highly economical and profitable freighter. I can’t imagine another freighter that would work as well as the 777 Freighter in meeting our demanding environmental and performance targets.”