Tuesday 26th Mar 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Double act at Schiedel’s Washington warehouse

Schiedel Rite Vent estimates it can store around 50 per cent more items in the same space at its new Washington warehouse, using double deep racking served by an Atlet reach. The warehouse complements existing facilities, which use a combination of double deep and conventional racking.

“We chose Atlet again because they provide good service and a quality product,” says Paul Mansfield, warehouse manager at Schiedel Rite Vent.

Schiedel Rite Vent, part of the multinational LaFarge group, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of commercial chimneys. At its factory in Washington, Tyne and Wear, the company produces steel chimneys although the warehouse is also responsible for distributing accessories and concrete products made elsewhere.

Atlet originally supplied a fleet of trucks to Schiedel Rite Vent some years ago when the warehouse was reconfigured for double- deep to create additional capacity and avoid the need for a larger building. The business has continued to grow and Schiedel Rite Vent recognised that an additional warehouse would now provide greater capacity while allowing it to optimise storage and handling operations. Adopting double deep in the new warehouse was an obvious choice and the company approached potential lift truck suppliers for their recommendations. Atlet proposed one of its XTF extending forks reach trucks, the latest version of a truck already operating in the older warehouse.

In addition to supplying a new double-deep reach stacker for the warehouse, Atlet also refurbished a number of Schiedel Rite Vent’s existing trucks to bring the entire fleet up to the best possible standard.

“There is some reduction in load selectivity with double deep but this is not an issue for us because of the type of products we are handling,” says Paul Mansfield.

The existing Atlet trucks, including XTF ride-on and ATF stand-on extending fork reach truck models, which had been supplied on a fixed term lease, were due for replacement at the same time and Schiedel Rite Vent decided its most cost effective option was to have these refurbished. Atlet rebuilt each truck from the ground up to “nearly new” standard in its engineering workshops in Thame using only original parts.

Refurbished Atlet trucks, known as Series Two, are popular among customers who cannot justify the cost of a brand new truck – for example where low usage is envisaged – and the savings can be considerable without compromising performance and reliability. In addition to refurbishing the ATF and XTF trucks Atlet also supplied a Series Two UNS reach truck to support goods inward operations in the old warehouse.

The old warehouse contains 1500 pallets arranged along single and double deep racking although Schiedel Rite Vent is converting some of its single deep locations to double-deep to increase overall capacity. The new warehouse contains an additional 2500 pallet locations on five levels compared with three in the older building. Going higher has minimised the floor area of the new building although the additional height is well within the capabilities of the XTF truck.