Friday 22nd Mar 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Linde X range for Diaper

Liverpool-based storage and distribution company Henry Diaper has acquired five of Linde’s revolutionary X range reach trucks. Henry Diaper’s activities range from storage and distribution to freight forwarding as well as managing complete back office operations for various organisations.

The X range features an ultra-visibility mast; an operator’s compartment with double the space of a conventional reach truck; and low-slung battery which significantly lowers the truck’s centre of gravity to produce enhanced stability during operation.

Stacking to 6.5 metres, the trucks handle pallets with a range of different loads from wine and spirits to precious metals and hazardous chemicals. The operation moves over 1,500 pallets a day across two sites and operates a 14 hour shift.

Depot manager Steve Gaugler says: “Our operators were involved in the purchase decision of the trucks and have noticed a significant increase in visibility, a reduction in aisle space because of the manoeuvrability of the truck and the long life battery has increased productivity, giving us the flexibility to operate a 24 hour shift from a single battery charge.”

The trucks have been acquired through a contract hire agreement which allows Diaper much more control over the budget.