Monday 15th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Sidetracker launches high-capacity reach trucks

Sidetracker has launched a range of compact high-capacity electric reach trucks capable of handling loads up to six tonnes. These are among the highest capacity models available in the UK and are ideal for double-deep handling applications in combination with reduced aisle widths.

The 2.5-tonne maximum lift capacity of most existing reach trucks severely limits their use with double-deep stacked loads, so counter-balance trucks requiring wider aisles are commonly used for this application. The load capacities of the new Sidetracker models enable them to lift the second pallets in double-deep applications, weighing up to 1500kg, while operating in narrower aisles than counter-balance trucks.

Models are available with lift capacities from three to six tonnes and lift heights up to ten metres with single, duplex or triplex masts. All the trucks are three-wheel models.