Sunday 24th Mar 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

FKI Logistex leads for Wolseley

FKI Logistex acted as main contractor and project integrator for the design, installation and commissioning of all handling and storage systems for the £42m automated national distribution centre for plumbing and building material distributor Wolseley UK.

NDC general manager Nigel Molloy says: “The NDC forms the core of a new, world-class logistics network being created by Wolseley UK, with FKI Logistex proving to be a first-class partner and project integrator.”

Building A was the first unit to be occupied by Wolseley. This 220,000 sq ft space is linked to Building B, a 127,000 sq ft unit, by a high-level 6,000 sq ft bridge, fitted with conveyors to transfer totes between each building.

Building A incorporates all receipt and despatch operations together with storage and picking for larger and fast moving items. 4,000 wide aisle storage locations provide large item picking with 18,000 narrow aisle storage locations designed for pallet picking. Products with low stockholding levels are stored using multi-level long span shelving. A mezzanine floor provides additional areas for various added value processes.

Building B is designed to handle picking, according to stock profile, up to 20,000 order lines per day involving products spanning a vast range of weights, shapes and sizes. It holds tote storage using FKI Logistex mini-load ASR and high-speed machines for goods to man picking, serviced by a combined picking loop on an intermediate mezzanine floor. The mezzanine floor is serviced by an extensive arterial tote conveyor network, also supplied by FKI Logistex, providing integrated picking to tote across a combination of pallet, tote-live and static shelving areas.