Sunday 26th May 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Cementing the future

Cold store logistics operator Reed Boardall has extended its cold store and transport centre alongside the A1 at Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, by a further 22,000 pallet spaces.

Specialist contractors building the new extension at Reed Boardall Group’s extensive cold store and transport centre this week poured a massive 430 cubic metres (937 tonnes) of concrete to make a third of the new floor.

Lorded Flooring jetted the ready-mixed concrete into the skeleton structure using two 20-metre hose booms and tamped it into place with a purpose-designed levelling tractor controlled by laser. The work took six hours non-stop.

It is anticipated that the new cold store will be fully operational by May 2008.

Reed Boardall employs some 620 people at the Boroughbridge centre, many of them local, and around 20 new jobs will be created by this latest construction phase.