Saturday 25th May 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Behind the shed

When the residents of Heuersdorf in Germany said they were going to move their village 12km to the nearby town of Borna, they really meant it. The village’s 700 tonne, solid-stone Emmaus Church – which had been standing for over 700 years – was moved to Borna on a special transport vehicle, using 160 of Continental’s IC40 Extra Deep industrial pneumatic tyres.

The project was made possible by individually-steered wheel axles, which could support a 40 tonne weight and turn 360 degrees while stationary.

Continental’s IC40 Extra Deep tyres were chosen in a special 355/65-15 size – super-strong tyres, specifically-designed for heavy duty tasks. Their ultra-stiff design offers minimum lateral flexing for increased stability, which means they can support extremely heavy loads with no swaying. The slow and painstaking journey took the Church over two rivers and a level crossing. Thousands of people turned out for the special farewell.

Couriers on Call marked the 25th anniversary of children’s hospice care by transporting a Giant Travelling Birthday Card, free of charge, to all the children’s hospices across the country, getting it signed by children and families along the way. The card, which is 1.5 metres tall, visited 27 hospices, starting at the newest – Charlton Farm in Bristol, and finished at Helen House in Oxford – the world’s first children’s hospice. The progress of the card around the UK was tracked in real time at Couriers on Call’s LocateA web site.

If, like 12 million other viewers, you watched Doctor Who on Christmas Day, then you will have seen Kylie Minogue help prevent the Titanic, a luxury spaceship, crashing into Buckingham Palace, by ramming the evil Max Capricorn with a forklift truck.

Beneath the red paint and ‘BBC prop’ attachments was a Hyster electric counterbalance forklift truck supplied by Barloworld Handling in Cardiff. Doctor Who fans will know that much of the filming is done on location in Wales where Barloworld provides the BBC with a variety of handling solutions.

Sandra Thompson, of Barloworld in Cardiff, said: “We have a long relationship with the BBC and have been called upon to help with the strangest projects such as building the Doctor’s Tardis. This was however the first time that a Hyster truck has been used onscreen. Perhaps next series, one of our forklifts will help fight the Daleks!”

Pall-Ex has unveiled the winners of its Truck Driver of the Year Awards. Colin Nichols, from Leeds-based ADD Express scooped the “Days Trunk Driver of the Year”. The winner of “Nights Trunk Driver of the Year” was Vinny Ball from EVTS in Blackpool.

International development charity Transaid, has teamed up with Wincanton and Schmitz Cargobull, for a game of “Spot the Transaid Trailer” on British roads until the end of April. The trailer, supplied and sponsored by Schmitz Cargobull, will fashion Transaid’s logos on both sides, as it travels between the North West of England to the south of London, seven days a week, as part of Wincanton’s distribution service.

“Transaid seeks a world where transport contributes fully to a better quality of life and we are delighted to be able to raise the transport industry’s awareness of Transaid and contribute to the excellent work that the organisation does throughout Africa,” said Andrew Morley, Schmitz Cargobull (UK) sales and marketing director.

So keep your eyes peeled over the next few months for the 13 metre long trailer which is out and about on Britain’s motorways every day. If you spot the trailer and would like the chance to win one of the many prizes available, log onto Draws will be made each month.