Sunday 24th Mar 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Linde unveils new 5 to 8 tonne series

Linde Material Handling is launching a five to eight tonne, low-emitting diesel and LPG truck series, which will be unveiled at the upcoming CeMat in Hanover, Germany.
The range has been extended to include a lifting capacity of eight tonnes at a load centre of 1100mm. Major service intervals have been extended from 500 to 1000 hours, to help improve uptime and reduce lifetime costs.
The trucks are powered by a Deutz turbo-diesel engine with common rail direct injection and intercooling. Engine performance is rated at 87 kW at 2200 rpm, with maximum torque of 472 Nm achieved at 1600 rpm.
The triplex mast offers the operator an 18 per cent larger field of vision.
For greater operating comfort, the two control levers for lift/lower, tilt and auxiliary hydraulics have been integrated into the armrest.
The lift and tilt functions are powered by an axial piston variable pump instead of the previous fixed-displacement pump. This increases the volume of pumped oil which helps improve the mast’s lifting speeds, which have increased by up to 30 per cent. The oil volume for additional hydraulics has also been increased. The pump adjusts the pumped oil volume to suit the required output, maintaining a low noise level and reducing fuel consumption.