Friday 19th Apr 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Partners in print

Fresh Direct, based in Bicester, is one of the UK’s fastest growing fruit and vegetable resellers. With additional sites in Manchester and London with over 350 employees, Fresh Direct has come to rely on the latest printing advances to increase the reliability of information and productivity.

Fresh Direct has been running a series of Genicom printers in the past.

“We work in an environment where printers come under heavy work load and are subjected to constant printing throughout the day and night,” says Fresh Direct IT and system manager, Julien Tallec.

“We have used other printer models in the past, but none of them worked as long or reliably as the old Genicom printers. That’s why it was a natural choice to opt for the new TallyGenicom printers.”

With such stringent printing requirements and rigorous use of printers, Fresh Direct wanted to ensure that the printing solution it was about to upgrade to would match these specific requirements. “When one or more of your printers is under constant use, as a business you don’t want it to fail you,” says Tallec.

“That is why we wanted to be sure that the 2280+ was the right printer for our specific application,” he says. Before deciding on the new printers, Fresh Direct was given a test unit to trial, with specialist on site support to ensure that the 2280+ was the right printer for the application.

Though migrating from legacy systems can be a daunting task at the best of times, TallyGenicom was able to provide Fresh Direct with support throughout the whole installation process, to ensure that there was minimum impact to the bottom line of the business.

The implementation of the new printers has provided Fresh Direct with a number of benefits, mainly increases in reliability and availability of the printers.

Reliability is key, as it ensures the downtime of the printers has decreased, and so has a significant impact on costs.

“We have been able to save money due to the reduced downtime of operations and maintenance interruptions. If maintenance is ever required, we know that a knowledgeable engineer will be able to resolve the issue next business day,” says Tallec. “We’ve been extremely satisfied with the degree of service and support and the competency of the service team.”