Friday 26th Apr 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

GMA’ s tough demands on trucks

GMA Warehousing and Transport in Ipswich has been trading for 20 years and manages more than 150,000 square feet of warehousing and external storage.

Working a 12 hour shift, GMA turns round 30 lorries a day, handling a mixture of loads ranging from raw materials to finished goods, including paper reels, timber stacks and books. A large proportion of loads consist of containers filled with 20 foot lengths of timber which have to be dragged out of the containers.

It is in this application that ten Linde 39X hydrostatic forklifts on site are used.

Hydrostatic transmission requires no clutch, differential or gearbox. This not only eliminates the downtime and maintenance associated with these parts, but also contributes significantly to the operator’s efficiency by permitting rapid directional changes with little physical effort.

The rubber mounted front suspension on the 39X ensures that operators are isolated from the shocks and vibrations caused by the uneven road surface at the site. Noise levels have also proved to be dramatically reduced in the warehouse.

The Linde fleet has been in operation at GMA for almost a year. Steve Day, managing director, says: “The transmissions on the trucks we used prior to Linde were not up to the job and breakdowns were common. Since introducing the Linde trucks, our maintenance costs have reduced dramatically.”