Wednesday 24th Apr 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

4,500 Pick-to-light storage locations at GameStop


The GameStop warehouse in Buccinasco near Milan is the main distribution centre for supplying its 200+ stores in Italy. The picking in the warehouse consists of three areas: one area for pallets, a second area for fast moving items, and a third for slow moving items and second-hand games.

Dematic has supplied GameStop with a new order fulfilment system. This includes over 4,500 pick-to-light storage locations. The storage area for fast movers is fully equipped with Dematic MaxiPICK displays. Whereas the area for slow moving items is equipped with inexpensive SinglePICK displays. The warehouse runs a single shift, five days per week. The new system has eliminated the previous need to run a second shift during peak periods.

Texas-based GameStop deals in video games and entertainment software and has more than 5,000 stores in the United States and 15 other countries around the world. It also has two e-commerce web sites: and GameStop Corp. sells new and second-hand video game software, hardware and accessories for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft video game systems. GameStop’s business in Italy is showing continual growth; more than 200 branches are now connected to the warehouse.

Dematic provided GameStop Italy with a tailor-made system which met all its requirements. The challenge that had faced Dematic was to replace the previous single order pick process by a pick-to-light system. Before, Dematic had already introduced this system at GameStop Canada and Australia. Consequently and based on the good experience with Dematic, this system quickly became the preferred choice for GameStop Italy.

Immediately after commissioning, GameStop Italy notched up a significant increase in productivity, a lower error rate, and an increasing rise in on-schedule deliveries.

Dematic’s pick-to-light software is able to analyse the current and upcoming work-load demands on employees, and spread the work load evenly. In so doing, it takes into account the performance of each individual picker. It also facilitates so-called “Golden Zoning”, which places high turnover items within easy reach of the pickers. “Flexible Zoning” is another optimisation option. This shifts the boundaries of the picking areas to match changing work loads. Additional pickers are called in during peak periods.

Pickers retrieve cartons in their personal picking zones, and place them on a conveyor belt. Pick-to-light displays indicate the retrieval positions and quantities for the ongoing picking process in the picking area. Pickers are shown text messages detailing the orders on the bay displays. When all the items have been picked in one area, the carton is passed on to the next area if the order is not yet complete. Passing on picking orders completely eliminates long work routes for the pickers.

Pick-to-Light also supports picking from pallets. The pallets stand in a single-level rack equipped with Pick-to-Light displays. Orders are picked directly from the pallets.

The customer is benefiting from a significant increase in productivity, a reduced error rate, an almost 100 per cent quality rate, a higher percentage of on-schedule deliveries, and a reduced labour requirement. Employees now have the benefit of working ergonomically. They have their hands free, and no longer have to walk any long distances. Employee morale is high at GameStop, as nowadays they are finding instead of searching for items.