Saturday 25th May 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

UKWA gets more resourceful

The UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) has entered a partnership with the Resources Group, to provide material handling equipment training for its members. Courses include forklift truck, lorry mounted crane, overhead gantry crane, LGV licence acquisition and driver assessments.

“There are so many benefits to employing a professionally trained workforce. For example, with well trained forklift operators, turnaround time is quicker and smoother, and accidental damage – to both the truck and the product being stored – is reduced,” says UKWA’s chief executive Roger Williams.

“Of course, no one should be allowed to operate a truck without first receiving training but even experienced employees can benefit from refresher training. Refresher training may be required if, for example, the operator is involved in an accident or a near-miss incident or if she has been observed operating the vehicle in an unsafe manner.”

Nikki Hill of the Resources Group, says most warehouses are designed to maximise storage space, which often compromises safety. An experienced, diligent operator will still run the risk of colliding with someone or something when turning a blind corner in a warehouse because of poor design.

“It is recommended that a safety refresher course is carried out between every three to five years. Working in a fast paced environment, you often forget vital aspects of MHE operation; compromising safety for time.

“The purpose of a safety refresher course is to reiterate the importance of safe operation of MHE and highlight the dangers of cutting corners to save time,” says Hill.

The Resources Group incorporates a daily safety check in all courses.