Sunday 21st Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Live storage can minimise risks

Ed Hutchison, managing director of manufacturer of storage and order picking systems, BITO, says carton live storage can help minimise the risk of warehouse accidents when it comes to small parts picking, particularly when it is combined with a pallet live system used for storing fast moving small parts or buffer pallet storage.

“A carton live small parts storage system is designed to allow replenishment from an aisle at the back of the system while picking takes place at the same time in the aisle in front,” says Hutchison. “This separates replenishment activities, which might include a forklift running up and down, from the pedestrian picking aisles. Not only does this eliminate the risk of accident but it also allows replenishment and picking operations to take place simultaneously.”

This method of storage gives, within a short distance, a greater density of pick locations for small parts, which can save around 15 to 20 per cent in floor space. Time is also saved, as travel times for order pickers can be improved by up to 66 per cent.