Sunday 26th May 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Zetes unveils wireless system

Zetes, provider of auto-ID solutions, has partnered up with US company ID Systems to launch its wireless forklift fleet management system across Europe.

The system has been designed to improve safety and lower costs of forklift trucks and other MHE, through lowered vehicle downtime, automated service scheduling, and real-time notification of emerging repair issues. It can also help reduce the size of a fleet by providing a simultaneous usage analysis, showing which vehicles are being overused and which aren’t being used enough.

The system can also help reduce maintenance costs with preventative maintenance planning; eliminate paper-based record keeping; and interlink with existing service maintenance software.

Overall operator safety is likely to improve with automated vehicle health check procedures, and restricted driver access using RFID key or PIN systems, which store individual training requirements and can detect dangerous driving.