Saturday 20th Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Yale launches 6-7 tonne counterbalance truck

Yale has launched its VX Veracitor six to seven tonne counterbalance truck. The model, which has been designed specifically for the timber, steel and aluminium, concrete, brewing, ports and chemical industries, comes with a choice of diesel or LPG engines in 6,000 and 7,000kg capacities.

The GDP/GLP60-70VX offers two types of transmissions – the standard electronic Powershift transmission which provides operators with two forward and two reverse speeds – and the Soft Shift Power Reversal, designed to ease unstable or fragile load applications, and reduce tyre and brake wear.

It also comes with an optional Techtronix 332, which provides three forward and two reverse speeds. Standard features of this transmission include Auto Deceleration System, Controlled Power Reversal, and Controlled Rollback.

The dash display features long-life LED lights and an easy-to-read LCD screen, allowing the operator to adjust the settings of the truck to match his or her particular demands. It also features operating parameters such as lift and lowering mast speeds, mast tilt speeds, truck acceleration rates and travel speeds, which are programmable via the dash display.

The truck’s ergonomic features include a large left hand side grab handle on the overhead guard and the right hand grip on the seat mounting of the truck and step heights of 32 cm, 65cm and 84 cm. The 110cm floor height will help improve visibility over high loads and the rear counterweight.