Monday 18th Feb 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

TGW launches sorters

The TGW Group has launched the NBS Turbo Sortation System and the Natrix-Sorter. The NBS Turbo is designed  for light cartons of dimensions up to 610 x 910 mm. Cartons are transported on adjacently placed conveyor belts. Six rows of rubber coated pop-up wheels are placed at the appropriate transfer positions between these belts.

The Natrix is a sliding shoe sorter. Cartons are transported on a sorter bed consisting of extruded aluminum profiles, allowing a variety of different sizes and weights of cartons to be handled: for dimensions of 100 x 100 mm up to 1,500 x 900 mm the cartons can even be over 50 kg. Each profile is fitted with sliding pusher shoes.