Tuesday 23rd Oct 2018 - Logistics Manager Magazine

Jungheinrich highlights hydrostatics in new range


Jungheinrich has launched its new hydrostatic IC engine-powered 4 series lift truck in the UK. Available with hydrostatic drive to complement the existing torque converter range, the new series 4 is capable of lifting loads of up to 3500kg up to heights of 7.5 meters and is available in both diesel and LPG versions. 
Hydrostatic trucks are particularly suited to shuttling operations – such as lorry loading and unloading and around a warehouse or factory environment.
The new trucks have a short chassis, a specially-designed counterweight and a high-pivot mounted steer axle – all of which combine to give the truck a low centre of gravity and good dynamic stability enabling themto take corners safely without the need for complex electronic components that frequently require maintenance and servicing.
The truck’s engines are supplied by Volkswagen and have been designed to offer low noise levels and emissions, while returning low fuel consumption.  Tests have shown that over the course of 2,000 hours of typical operation the hydrostatic truck will save on average £1,000 in fuel costs in comparison with a standard conventional converter counterbalance truck.
The positioning of the lift cylinders in relation to the mast channels increases forward visibility for all load handling operations.  The low height counterweight increases rearward visibility and the bullet-proof glass fitted as standard in the roof instead of conventional steel bars, provides uninterrupted upward visibility.