Automation workshops and advanced food packing machinery from Brillopak at Robotics and Automation 2022!

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British automated packing systems manufacturer Brillopak has announced that it will showcase its end-of-line automation capabilities and patented end-effectors at Robotics and Automation 2022.

Visitors to the show, which takes place on the 01-02 November at the Coventry Building Society Arena, will have the opportunity see how Brillopak’s new range of patented suction and gripper end-effectors have been designed to perfect the case loading of food trays, bags and punnets.

For food companies planning to integrate new packing lines, the manufacturer’s advanced packaging machinery will likely be of interest as solutions can be combined with Brilopak’s automation deployment expertise to support de-risked installations and protect projects from sunk costs, line interruptions and disgruntled staff.

What’s more, show attendees will have the chance to learn lessons from Brillopak, particularly on how automation architecture can be a fundamental of any new factory equipment installation.

Visitors to the Brillopak stand will have the chance to see how a new range of patented suction and gripper end-effectors for its UniPAKer range, which is designed to perfect case loading of food trays, bags and punnets

Using a 3D-printed model of an automated packing hall, Brillopak director David Jahn will conduct short workshops with visitors showing how to scope-out and create architectural plans of the ‘big picture’ first. This will be followed with instructions on ways to phase installation of robotics/automation to benefit from proof of concept and assist with cost of investment.

On his upcoming appearance at the show, Jahn said: “The best way to understand the deployment of packaging machinery and the importance of our automation architecture service is to compare a project to building a house… it would be foolish to even start to build without completing the necessary due diligence, planning and design approval first.

“We share our knowledge with factories small and large right from the out-set of any project, to remove the headaches and get automation right first time.”

It’s a process that Brillopak has reportedly completed successfully for more than 20 years – with hundreds of fresh produce, meat and ready-meal automation solutions said to have been implemented so far.

For on-the-spot advice, visitors are urged to bring with them sample food packs, SKUs and details of their current factory layouts to receive ‘right first time’ bespoke architectural advice on the implementation of robotics and automation in their food packaging hall.

Brillopak (Stand 204) will be at Robotics and Automation 2022 on 01-02 November at the Coventry Building Society Arena. For more information about this unmissable event, or to register to attend, please visit

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