Tuesday 26th Mar 2019 - Logistics Manager Magazine

BIFA calls for action on airport expansion

The British International Freight Association has called on whoever forms the next government to get moving on airport expansion.

“From a transport perspective, perhaps the most important thing for the new government to deal with is airport capacity,” said director general Robert Keen.

“We can only hope that after the general election in May 2015, the welter of evidence as presented will be such that there will be cross-party consensus and politicians will give the green light and adopt the Airports Commission’s recommendations in full and finally get things started on an much overdue expansion of UK aviation hub capacity.”

He went on to argue that government “must help our members to develop more effective ways to manage international supply chains”.

“The new government must address those issues that impact on the global supply chain, such as security, Customs, EU legislation and international trade treaties. While it must meet important objectives in a co-ordinated and balanced manner, it should be done without creating barriers to trade.”

He also highlighted the importance of improving road infrastructure and providing support for ports and harbours.

“There needs to be continued initiatives to boost exports as was included in the final budget of the previous administration.