Monday 22nd Jan 2018 - Logistics Manager

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Retail change just gets faster

It was a merry Christmas for the grocers but early figures suggest that other retailers found the festive period more of a struggle. And the story of what happened highlights the supply chain changes facing retailers in the UK in the year ahead.

In your dreams…

Why 3PLs will never get a five-year lease with a three year break, a years rent free all at a low market rent and why it doesn’t really matter. Liza Helps reports.

Transports of delight

Transport his a highly competitive business and it is no surprise that logistics operations have always looked to transport management technologies to save money and operate more competitively.

Maintaining the grade

Service and maintenance is crucial to those that rely on forklifts in their operations. Alexandra Leonards explores the challenges happening market, and examines the best ways to maximise the life expectancy of equipment.

Skills saviour

With the labour shortage hot on the heels of the logistics industry, will automation intercept to save the day? Alexandra Leonards explores its place in logistics, how it is managed in the sector and some of the new technologies hitting the market…

Time to get serious about vehicle sharing

The logistics director of a major consumer goods manufacturer told me that there is no reason why it could not share vehicles with its competitors. After all, it competed on the excellence of its products – not transport – and the cost saving would be significant.

Black Friday is reshaping supply chains

Anyone looking for Black Friday disaster stories will have been disappointed. There have been no reports of major delivery failures or crowds fighting over bargains in stores.

Blueprint for post-Brexit supply chains

Connoisseurs of Tory politics might find it surprising to see prime minister Theresa May talking about “a new approach to how government and business can work together to shape a stronger, fairer economy.”