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Intimidating intelligence

Artificial intelligence is set to transform the logistics industry over the next few years, but a new study suggests that almost a third of companies fear that they will struggle to keep up with the rate of technological change.

Brexit: what about the workers?

Pressure is mounting on both the UK and EU negotiators to make progress on a deal. And with the next round of talks starting in Brussels on Thursday, the Confederation of British Industry has taken the opportunity to hammer home the importance of retaining essential workers.

Stock-outs: dodgy data and frustrated shoppers

Back in the 1980s, I remember Jonathan Weeks telling me that the first thing he did when he became distribution director of Woolworths was to increase distribution costs – a shocking revelation at a time when “cost down” was an industry mantra.

Supply chain professionals need more support on modern slavery

The issue of modern slavery in the supply chain will not go away. Yesterday the Home Office set out plans to review of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 after research found that the economic and social costs of modern slavery to the UK are some £4.3 billion.

A tale of two cities

Anyone trying to do logistics in London is all too aware of the problems – massive traffic jams, night time lorry bans, the difficulty in finding somewhere to stop to make a delivery. And then there is the imminent arrival of the Ultra Low Emission Zone…

Grocery supply chains face rapid change

The big supermarket chains have been casting around for ways to hang on to market share in the face of a determined assault from the discounters.

When is a drone not a drone?

When is a drone not a drone? The answer, it appears, is when it is an autonomous vehicle, pilotless aircraft, satellite, space craft, underwater ROV, marine surface vehicle and even a hybrid system.

Going green? Must try harder

An industry whose whole reason to be is the movement of goods is always going to use a lot of energy – and managing the emissions is always going to be challenging.

everywoman in Transport & Logistics: male winner?

The FTA everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards, established 11 years ago, recently named its 2018 winners with the addition of a new Male Agent of Change Award and as 11 women and one man took the stage to collect their well-deserved awards, some questions couldn’t help but arise.