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The bar just got a bit higher

At first sight, it’s a statement of the obvious: consumers want to know when their online purchase will arrive.

Agility is becoming more critical

On the face of it, life should be pretty good for manufacturers – after all the fall in the value of the pound since the Brexit vote makes manufacturing in the UK more attractive.

Returns: costs set to rise dramatically

Returns are a core part of the online retail proposition giving customers to the confidence to buy goods unseen. The trouble is that processing returns is expensive, and a new study suggests that increasing levels of returns are hitting margins.

The devil in the detail

Problems at ports are not the only Brexit challenge in road transport. It’s worth remembering that much of the technical regulation currently comes from Brussels and there could be some devils in those details.

Is logistics ready to go all-electric?

I recently received an email from a reader who had calculated that if all the lorries on the road switched from diesel to electricity, then the UK would have to generate double the amount of electricity that it does now.

You’re never too old

Scottish tax records from 1494 include an entry for “eight bolls of malt to Friar John Cor to make aqua vitae” – the first documented reference to Scotch whisky.

Brexit: time to step up the pressure on border controls

Negotiations on Brexit are starting in earnest this week with the focus on transition arrangements. While much of the discussion in the run-up to the talks has been on the prospect for “frictionless trade”, the friction between the two sides has been all too obvious.

The saddest words in supply chain…

The saddest words in supply chain came in a tweet from KFC last week as it tried to explain to customers why there was no chicken in its restaurants.