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Day of the disrupters

There is a good argument for saying that the most dramatic developments in logistics are not taking place in Europe, or even America, but in China. Last month Chinese retail giant raised $2.5 billion to finance the expansion of its logistics subsidiary, JD Logistics.

Blockchain needs to be part of your plans

Blockchain is still more talked about than actually used in practice, but momentum is growing as more and more organisations take up the technology.

Don’t go the way of the costermonger

The fate of the once ubiquitous costermonger is instructive. In 1911, there were almost 70,000 of these street sellers. But, the occupation – along with domestic servants, washers and manglers, coachmen and grooms – has all but died out as a result of automation.

Risk-proofing supply chains will be critical

The rosy glow of Christmas has been quickly banished by two new reports highlighting supply chain risks, one of which proclaims: “World enters critical period of intensified risks in 2018”.

Retail change just gets faster

It was a merry Christmas for the grocers but early figures suggest that other retailers found the festive period more of a struggle. And the story of what happened highlights the supply chain changes facing retailers in the UK in the year ahead.

Time to get serious about vehicle sharing

The logistics director of a major consumer goods manufacturer told me that there is no reason why it could not share vehicles with its competitors. After all, it competed on the excellence of its products – not transport – and the cost saving would be significant.

Black Friday is reshaping supply chains

Anyone looking for Black Friday disaster stories will have been disappointed. There have been no reports of major delivery failures or crowds fighting over bargains in stores.