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Who to believe? Brexit vs the supply chain…

The day before my first day on the job at Logistics Manager saw supply chain issues hit the headlines. Michael Gove, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, you may recall was doing the rounds on a Sunday talk show reassuring the public that a No-Deal Brexit would indeed not result in food shortages.

There’s a first time for everything….

Regular readers of Logistics Manager may notice a change this week. I am not Malory Davies. Many of you I am sure will know that Malory has retired… and we wish him all the best as he adjusts to life beyond logistics.

Five things I’ve learnt as editor of Logistics Manager

1. Supply chain is changing the world The the way we live today owes much to developments in supply chain thinking and practice. It is the ability to manage an extended supply chain that has driven the growth in global trade.

Time the government came clean…

The government has now had three years to prepare for leaving the European Union, so it is quite shocking to find that the government’s own analysis, which was leaked to the “Sunday Times”, suggests that the UK could face months of disruption after a no-deal Brexit.

Blockchain – still problems to be solved

Adoption of blockchain technology is gathering pace. In liner shipping, more companies have been joining the TradeLens initiative, which now covers more than half the world’s container cargo.

Time for congratulations

The shortlist for the Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2019 has just been revealed – and it makes impressive reading. This year we received more than 130 entries from major retailers and manufacturers, not just in the UK, but from all around the world.

Halloween 2019: trick or treat?

It only took two days of Boris Johnson’s premiership for the Freight Transport Association to warn the industry that it needed to step up preparations for a no-deal Brexit.

Road: the zero carbon alternative to rail freight?

The idea that road might be a zero carbon alternative to rail sounds counter-intuitive, even to convinced petrolheads, but the situation could arise, according to a new report for the government entitled “Rail Industry Decarbonisation Taskforce: Final Report to the Minister for Rail”.

Chains for customers

If it weren’t for the customers, e-commerce would be easy. Who can forget how some of ASOS’s customers responded to a warehouse fire in June 2014? Someone actually tweeted: “Can’t believe I probably won’t receive my prom dress. Thanks a lot ASOS”.