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Can air cargo become carbon neutral?

The Freight Transport Association has decided that the government must prioritise air freight to achieve Britain’s future trading ambitions in a post-Brexit world. It told the government as much last week when it responded to a consultation on Aviation over the coming decades.

Perils of slash-and-grab

The best way to learn about the nitty-gritty of the haulage business would be to go down to Italy on a truck, my boss decided. That’s why, as a young reporter, I found myself in the passenger seat of a Volvo Globetrotter heading for Rome with a groupage load.

How is your digital consciousness?

How is your digital consciousness? It is a question that is likely to be asked more and more as digitalisation of the supply chain develops.

Low wages still plague fashion supply chain

Shoppers are buying clothes believing that they are made by workers earning a living wage, when in reality, low wages continue to be the status quo across the global industry, a new survey into garment supply chains says.

Urban challenges

Just as most of us were getting into the mood for the bank holiday, Waitrose revealed plans to open a 110,000 sq ft fulfilment centre at Enfield in north London to complement the existing site in Coulsdon and drive growth in its online offering.

Time to declare a truce?

My 3PL guru once explained to me how negotiating a contract with a potential customer works: “We start by talking to the client’s logistics team mapping out their requirements and then carefully working together to create an operation that meets those requirements. The logistics team is happy and we are happy.

Collaboration: time to try harder

Collaboration has long been a key theme in supply chain, but one area where it seems to have run into headwinds is in the relationship between consumer packaged goods manufacturers and retailers.

Time to debunk blockchain?

Blockchain has been the next big thing in supply chain for so long now that it is hardly surprising that we have reached a point where people are starting to challenge its value.

Good news for the profession

E-commerce might be the growth area for retail, but for traditional retailers in particular it is far from painless.