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Take a look into the future

Is following ''best practice'' necessarily the best way forward? Perhaps surprisingly, it may not be.

Is ‘best practice’ a red herring?

Is following ‘best practice’ necessarily the best way forward? Perhaps surprisingly, it may not be. What’s good for one company is not always good for another and going purely on good financial performance may not necessarily indicate the most successf

Working capital, working better

Finance issues within the supply chain are becoming increasingly important to senior supply chain managers. Global sourcing, the development of new markets and corporate growth pressures are all contributing to a need for a greater understanding of the

A big business getting bigger

Grocery retailing is big business and all indications are that it’s going to get even bigger. In the US the top 50 grocery retailers generated €315 billion in 2006, a 10 per cent increase on the previous year.

Pass the Port

Globalisation is having a significant impact on Europe’s logistics infrastructure. With container shipping volumes between Asia and Europe predicted by analysts, Global Insight, to grow by 17.2 per cent this year – approaching double that of 2003 – consid

So, what happens next?

Nearing the end of the year offers the opportunity to reflect on what might lie ahead for supply chain management in 2008. What will be the key trends?

Counting the costs of shrinkage

As the impact of rising interest rates and tighter credit hit home to consumers, retailers will be watching the tills nervously in the run up to Christmas. Lean times may well lie ahead. For the supply chain that means a closer eye kept on costs, inventor

A fuel’s paradise

As supply chain professionals, we should all be taking an active interest in reducing the carbon emissions from our vehicle fleets. This entails better planning, vehicle utilisation and driver training, as well as considering alternative fuel options such