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So, what happens next?

Nearing the end of the year offers the opportunity to reflect on what might lie ahead for supply chain management in 2008. What will be the key trends?

Counting the costs of shrinkage

As the impact of rising interest rates and tighter credit hit home to consumers, retailers will be watching the tills nervously in the run up to Christmas. Lean times may well lie ahead. For the supply chain that means a closer eye kept on costs, inventor

A fuel’s paradise

As supply chain professionals, we should all be taking an active interest in reducing the carbon emissions from our vehicle fleets. This entails better planning, vehicle utilisation and driver training, as well as considering alternative fuel options such

Determination wins out

Once again the Hi-tech and Electronics sector provided the Overall Winner for this year’s European Supply Chain Excellence Awards. Infineon Technologies deservedly took the top trophy having returned to the competition this year with renewed vigour to com

Investing to avert tragedy

As the British public reel from the tragic news of the loss of four brave firefighters who died in a warehouse fire at a fruit and vegetable packing plant in Atherstone, Warwicks, at the weekend, questions relating to safety procedures and documentation o

The moral gap

Ethical sourcing has hit the headlines again this week with news of forced child labour being used in the manufacture of a particular item of children’s clothing for US based fashion retailer, Gap.

The value in understanding the pack

Gaining an insight into how enterprises value supply chain management and deploy resources to develop progressive supply chain ‘good practice’ is important to every responsible manager/practitioner. Only by understanding how the pack runs are you able to

It’s time the construction sector adopted good SC practice

As British MPs contemplate the unwelcome prospect of decamping from the splendour of the Palace of Westminster to a near by building while building work is undertaken on the mid-nineteenth century structure, construction logistics comes very much to mind.

The many routes to market

Retail is changing fast. Multi-channel retailing is the name of the game for leading high street brands, but a strategic mix of online and physical stores is far from simple to manage, as the world''s second largest computer maker is finding out.

Is your value chain under the microscope?

Just how important the supply chain is to the financial well being of an enterprise has been understood by a number of enlightened CFOs for some time. But now, it appears, investors are keen to have a greater understanding of the competitive position re