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Ten of the best

It’s hard to imagine, but this is the 10th year of The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards. Many hundreds of companies have entered these Awards over the past decade, a large number of which have been major international enterprises and highly recogni

Stop the Carousel

Where do you stand if there is VAT fraud - perhaps several links away - in your supply chain? Until a ruling by the European Court of Justice just two or three weeks ago it could have cost you very dearly.

The path to excellence

The Engineering and General Manufacturing sector has made a comeback this year, with Rexam Beverage Can Europe & Asia taking the top prize in The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2005.

Working on the margins

The high street is a pretty cold place to be at the moment. Margins are under pressure as retailers markdown to clear stock in a lacklustre market. But pushing inventory through store at discount is no way to make the shareholders happy.

Seeking the path to ‘value’

At what point do you achieve the best value? Is it when you achieve the lowest possible cost, or could it be when you receive the highest performance in service at a reasonable cost? Of course, it would seem appropriate to assume that in most cases a bala

The drum-beat of rfid

Where are we going with rfid? A tidal wave of opinion from consultants tells us that it’s the next big thing to hit supply chain and retail, and yet many high profile companies out there seem far from impressed.

Table your views

Complexity, strategic sourcing, partnerships, change management, planning, execution, fulfilment, rfid compliance… I could go on. These are all pertinent and pressing issues affecting those individuals charged with the efficient running of their company’s

A sea change in property investment

East Europe may hold plenty of promise for developers of speculative logistics sites, but the risks are considerable. True, manufacturing is pushing East, fast on the heels of cheaper labour.

Watch out for RFID

As previous years may have been dubbed the year of ‘Collaboration’ or perhaps, ‘ERP’, there can be little doubt that 2005 will be exalted as ‘the year of RFID’. And although it may be tempting to dismiss this prominent subject as just ‘hype’, elevated to