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Pressure on diesel vehicles rises

Just before Christmas, a group of doctors took to the streets of London to protest against diesel vehicles. Doctors Against Diesel want mayor Sadiq Khan to follow the lead of some other major cities and set a timetable for banning all diesel engined vehicles from London.

2017 will demand the best from all of us

Outstanding entries from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers and retailers highlight just how far supply chain thinking has developed since the Supply Chain Excellence Awards were launched 20 years ago.

Time to be more revolutionary

Where are you in terms of industrial revolutions? Are you still in the steam age (the first industrial revolution) or implementing cyber-physical systems – now known as the fourth industrial revolution or Industrie 4.0?

Could supply chains learn from Olympic success?

It’s hard not to be impressed by the success of Team GB at the Rio Olympics, winning 67 medals in total – the best result in more than a century, putting the UK second only to the United States in the medals table.

People tracking: the next innovation

There was a time when it was considered cutting edge for a parcels company to be able to track the parcels going through its network. That’s taken for granted now, and in future it seems, the really important thing will be to track the recipients.

Are you ready to embrace robots?

If there was one subject that really came to the fore at the IntraLogisteX exhibition last month it was the prospect of rapid growth in the use of robots in logistics. And it wasn’t just exhibitors that were talking about robots, it was also an issue for the visitors that I spoke to.

The Budget: time to make your voice heard

It’s Budget time and as you might expect, industry organisations are gearing up to drive home the message: no increase in fuel taxes. There has been speculation that chancellor George Osborne will use the Budget on 16th March to raise the duty. This seems to be based on the fact that the government is exceeding […]

Home deliveries blamed for slower traffic speeds

Average speeds on local A roads in England are now some three per cent slower than a year ago – and some commentators are now blaming the growth of home deliveries for the slowdown, writes Malory Davies.

The customer that reckons it can do logistics better

Is this the year that will see a major shake up the logistics market? Ocado shares jumped by a fifth in a day last month after rumours started circulating in The City that Amazon was interested in buying the business, as part of plan to launch a full grocery delivery service in the UK.