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Road: the zero carbon alternative to rail freight?

The idea that road might be a zero carbon alternative to rail sounds counter-intuitive, even to convinced petrolheads, but the situation could arise, according to a new report for the government entitled “Rail Industry Decarbonisation Taskforce: Final Report to the Minister for Rail”.

Chains for customers

If it weren’t for the customers, e-commerce would be easy. Who can forget how some of ASOS’s customers responded to a warehouse fire in June 2014? Someone actually tweeted: “Can’t believe I probably won’t receive my prom dress. Thanks a lot ASOS”.

Shaping the future

Liza Helps looks at how large logistics warehouses are changing to reflect industry demand…

Visible benefits

Boosting the performance of a supply chain often means improving visibility – sounds easy but the challenges are significant…

A sweet deal for all

Heightened van growth is good for business, but the UK market must address the knock-on environmental costs. Alexandra Leonards reports.

Reining in the returns monster

Huge volumes of returns are denting retailers’ profits – no wonder the pressure is on to process refunds fast and use returned stock effectively, says Johanna Parsons.

Can air cargo become carbon neutral?

The Freight Transport Association has decided that the government must prioritise air freight to achieve Britain’s future trading ambitions in a post-Brexit world. It told the government as much last week when it responded to a consultation on Aviation over the coming decades.

Perils of slash-and-grab

The best way to learn about the nitty-gritty of the haulage business would be to go down to Italy on a truck, my boss decided. That’s why, as a young reporter, I found myself in the passenger seat of a Volvo Globetrotter heading for Rome with a groupage load.