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Resilience – surviving the unthinkable

In a stable, predictable and benign environment that might well be so, but we live in uncertain times. For many organisations their trading environment spans continents, cultures, and a multitude of political, economic and regulatory unknowns.

Return to profit

What happens when you discover, to your horror and great irritation, that your new mobile phone is faulty? Okay, it may be an inconvenience to you, the consumer, but for the retailer and for the manufacturer it’s not only an irritation, it’s a cost.

Adding value

As a volume distributor, Premier Farnell has to be highly customer-responsive: it combines traditional distribution skills with technologically advanced, proactive marketing techniques.

The way forward

How quickly time passes and change takes place. For example, it may be hard to believe, but up until a decade ago little reference was made in the logistics industry to freight villages. The reason was simple. There were very few of them around, if any, o

Taking stock

The key principles in managing supply chains are control, cost and efficiency and, during the past two years, the UK's multiple retailers have sought to more fully achieve these goals through the introduction of factory gate pricing (FGP). Currently, the

Swings and roundabouts

In recent years there has been a major restructuring of the 1,500 trade associations in the UK that predominantly have company corporate membership, and the hundreds of institutes and other professional bodies that have individual members.

Improving efficiency

The International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) is taking up five halls at the NEC, Birmingham, when it takes place on March 2-4. The exhibition has brought together two major materials handling and storage events - IMHX now incorporates IHSE. It a

Outsourcing enhances performance

The number of companies that will outsource their procurement activities is expected to more than double over the next two years. And the development will occur across geographies, industries and all sizes of company.

A load of rubbish

The EU’s delightfully-named WEEE recycling directive must be ratified by August and will take effect in 2005. Brace yourself for similar chaos as engendered by that famous directive about fridges – for which the UK government had also failed to plan.

Net benefits

Wanting improvement through the implementation of a network strategy is one thing, but achieving that improvement is another.