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Watching the vans go by

Delivering groceries to customers may be attractive for shoppers but as volumes ramp up there are questions over the viability of fulfilment models.

Road freight in Europe

Supporting intermodal transport has been a major part of the European Commission's (EC) 2001 white paper - European Transport Policy for 2010: Time to decide. The EC's aim is to support the efficient door-to-door movement of freight using two or more mode

Takeover talk

DPWN's approach to shareholders for approval to issue up to 250 million new shares is fuelling speculation on a potential bid for Exel.

Realism leads to benefits

The call to companies to jump onto the RFID bandwagon is having a dual impact on the forward march of this powerful technology. For those companies with high expectations and short attention spans, the results from initial trials have not been as dramatic

Watch out for RFID

As previous years may have been dubbed the year of ‘Collaboration’ or perhaps, ‘ERP’, there can be little doubt that 2005 will be exalted as ‘the year of RFID’. And although it may be tempting to dismiss this prominent subject as just ‘hype’, elevated to

Light industrial sheds come to market

The commercial area in and around Marchwood continues to develop as one of Southampton's most successful industrial regions, despite the refusal of ABP's Dibden Bay development.

Getting results

The first indications of the performance of the European logistics industry in 2004 have been provided by a number of companies releasing their annual results. Overall the sector has experienced a good year, although there are still several underperformin

Better out than in

To gain the benefits of outsourcing, many firms will have either to become more adept at the process as a core competency or be willing to outsource the outsourcing process istself.

Turning point

While car industry chiefs usually highlight labour costs and productivity as the main drivers of change, the supply chain holds the potential for some big wins — and ones that are perhaps more immediately realisable.