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Changing exchanges

After the shake-out of public trading exchanges, the survivors could be coming into their own.

Keeping stock

With 69 stores nationwide, upholstered furniture retailer DFS is well aware that providing shorter delivery times to customers will help keep it ahead of the competition. Delivery times are normally a week, from the time of order, but increased customer d

Stairway to the Stars

What makes a Star? Hollywood may have its own notions on this, but the judging panel of The European Supply Chain Excellence Awards are in no doubt as to what constitutes Star Quality in their eyes – collaborative working, holistic performance and above a

Learn to trust

In this season of goodwill towards men, suppliers, our thoughts turn to the role of trust in supply chain relationships

“Do Not Disturb” while extending the warehouse

It may be good to talk, but it is vital for all parties to talk at length when planning an extension. Thorough planning and regular dialogue will ensure that business will continue unaffected by what is happening on the other side of the wall.

The dance of agility

With Sony looking to reduce parts by a staggering 90 per cent, the push for parts rationalisation in the high tech sector is in full swing. Product obsolescence is the driving factor and Product Life Cycle Management is a facilitator but, agility is what

On the flat and narrow!

Floor flatness has a significant impact on efficiency and safety when materials are handled by forklift trucks. Although the Concrete Society's Technical Report TR34, published in 1988, was a pioneering step and contains the principal

Spoilt for choice

A new trend is emerging among third-party logistics providers (3PLs) transporting products between the UK and mainland Europe - managers are thinking more cleverly about the logistics of their crossings and thinking that sailing from one of the Channel

The data avalanche

RFID will make available a thousand times more information. How are you going to identify and act on what's important? Some views from the Oriana