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Getting out of the jam

As the Christmas traffic builds, our town centres lurch closer to gridlock and the need for collaborative logistics systems seems ever more paramount.

Charles Davis

‘Expect to see companies moving production back to Europe,’ says the vice-president at AT Kearney

Hub to the rescue

A period of reduced economic growth is anticipated over the next year and, since no industry, particularly the logistics sector, operates in a vacuum we must acknowledge that this is likely to have a dampening effect on the market as a whole.

Action stations!

If a Royal Navy submarine requires a spare part or munitions, the equipment must be supplied without fail and, most importantly, on time. And it is the job of FSL Logistics to ensure that whatever the armed forces need, they get it when they want it, and

The winning formula

ORGANISING a second Logistics Link exhibition, albeit one some 200 miles away from Sandown Park, always ran the risk of duplicating the visitor profile. However, as planned, this was avoided because whereas 62% of attendees at Logistics Link at Sandown Pa

The QUALITY link

Today's logistics professionals need to be kept up-to-date with the very latest technologies and service provision available as they strive to reduce costs, while at the same time, boosting efficiency.

Undervalued and under your feet

There are high productivity floors and poor productivity floors and, of course, many shades of grey in between. The worst floors will probably get noticed, for example, if there is a truck collision with the racking. However, many users probably just put

On reflection

John Allan, Exel’s indefatigable chief executive talks to Nick Allen on challenges in the chain.

Winner: Argos

Four finalists made it through in this category (a fifth, sadly, having to withdraw for internal reasons). As occurred surprisingly often this year, the entrants divided neatly into two groups, with Dentsply International and IDIS both serving specialised

Could everybody be proved wrong?

For many years the North-east has been very much looked upon as a self-contained entity with its own perceived local economy, culture and dedicated workforce.